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Sites of Interest

Foundation for Inner Peace - www.acim.org
The original organization appointed by the scribe,
Dr. Helen Schuchman, to publish and distribute the only
authorized manuscript of A Course in Miracles.

Foundation for A Course In Miracles® - www.facim.org
Institute for Teaching Inner Peace Through A Course In Miracles
Gloria and Ken Wapnick's site whose thrust is to present the
purpose and activities of the Foundation as well what
A Course in Miracles
is and what it teaches.

Miracle Distribution Center - www.miraclecenter.org
A nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to serve as a worldwide educational, networking and contact center for A Course in Miracle publishing The Holy Encounter magazine.

Institute for Personal Religion - www.miraclesmagazine.org
Publishers of Miracles Magazine - Jon, Mundy Ph.D. - Publisher

iStockphoto.com- www.istockphoto.com
Simply the best deal on premium stock photography. And I can't even begin to afford their good stuff! Check 'em out.

Inspiration (in random order)

Jehoshua /John Lash / Brian Browne Walker / Edgar Cayce / Deepak Chopra / Gary Zukav /
Richard Bach / Sri Harold Klemp / Kate Bush / Wayne Dyer / Barbara Sher / Peter Gabriel /
Marianne Williamson / Yes / Buddha / Osho / Louise Hay / Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks /
Jethro Tull / Zero Ohms / Lao-Tzu / John Lennon / Adam Johnson / Mott the Hoople /
Alan Alda / Alan Arkin /John Steinbeck / Pema Chödrön / Frank / Suzanne Bruder /
Don Morgan / Frank Zappa / Lisa Allen / Coen Brothers / Oprah (That's right. Oprah) /
Natalie Goldberg / William Zinsser / E.B. White / James Herriot / Jane Siberry /Eckhart Tolle /
James Taylor / More to come as they come to mind . . .